Rufino Passi

Rodrigo & Gisela


Rodrigo Rufino and Gisela Passi met in 1996, in Buenos Aires. After each one of them traveled their various tango, artistic and cultural paths, they decided to combine their experiences to form a tango couple. Today they have almost two consecutive decades of professional performance together.


The stage and the show, that space of creative expression where Rodrigo and Gisela pour their years of experience, tradition and tango mystery.


In their pedagogy, Rodrigo and Gisela have specialized for almost two decades in transmitting dance on the dance floor, the social encounter of tango, its musical universe, its customs and genuine traditions. One of his main motivations is to awaken curiosity in the students, to motivate the search and personal development of dance, musicality and the authentic identity inherent in the milonguero.

Cultural Projects

Scholars and tango fans, Rodrigo and Gisela hold audiovisual conferences and specialized seminars each year with different themes. The desire for constant search and transmission arises from the desire to awaken curiosity and promote greater knowledge in the field of dancers and milongueros.